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Hello Arcadians!
As the long wait for SMP is finally coming to closure, we have another announcement to bring to you all!
@Merlyn and I have been working vigorously to bring you all an update on what's going to happen for the future of ArcadianMC. In this thread, I will be discussing what we've added so far!

To begin, we've added a new gamemode! We have decided to add Creative for the time being, in replacement of Prisons. With this being said, Prisons will still be a "in the near future" gamemode, but we have decided to add this one as well. This brings us to 3 separate gamemodes that are open: Survival, Skyblock, and now Creative as well.

To share some things we have added, here's a list:
  • New Creative Plots Gamemode (Woohoo!)
  • Custom Creative Spawn
  • NPCs with Creative Commands
    • Plot Auto
    • Plot Home
  • Customizable Plots (81 x 81)
  • Worldedit Access for Donors
  • Leaderboards
    • Play-Time
    • Top Player Votes (Coming soon!)...
Dear members!
As you might know already, @FqdedStqr and I are working on the SMP Overhaul, In this thread I'm going to discuss some things that are Added, Changed or Removed, I will also share a small roadmap on features you can expect after the release of the SMP 2.0

First of all, In order to make it easier for new players, SMP will be renamed to Survival, For compatibility reasons, all commands containing 'SMP' will still function!

Here are some of the additions to the great overhaul:
  • SMP -> Survival Rename
  • New Lobby
  • NPC's In lobby with various functions like:
    • GambleBar
    • Quests
    • Information
    • Auction
    • Warps
    • Shop
  • Crates & Crate keys
  • Claims
  • Clans
  • Nations
  • Live-Map
  • Pregenerated Custom World
  • Command Overhaul, Gui-dized most commands
  • Shop & New economy
  • Taxes
  • PvP Arena
  • Wars
  • and a lot more exciting (and secret :0) features!
To clear up some confusion about the most controversial...
Arcadian News Week 1
(Reposted from the Enjin, originally posted by Blockyfied on November 28, 2020)


Staff Updates

iiSimp -> Builder

Arrows20 -> Trial

pjnacht -> Trial

xMagy -> Builder

Punishment Updates

BigFan, Discord Muted

Stonerclownoe, Discord and Server Perm Banned

Isxxc, Discord Muted



Baltop - Server Total: 251,445,962

1. pjnacht - 147,488,235

2. ItzMarshyy - 39,386,554

3. Penguins__Rules - 22,286,554

4. iiSimp - 16,718,460

5. xMagy - 11,396,258

Island Top - (Measured in island level not island worth)

1. Simps - 1,012,852

2. Management - 234,851

3. xMagy - 204, 275

4. Blockyfied - 125,044

5. Stonerclownoe - 5,171

Hours Played

1. Merlyn2003 - 91

2. iiSimp - 88

3. ItzMarshyy - 64

4. FqdedStqr - 30

5. Penguins__Rules – 26

Mob Kills

1. ItzMarshyy - 10,587

2. iiSimp - 9,262

3. pjnacht - 8,161

4. Blockyfied - 2,588

1. We follow the Discord Guidelines and ToS
Discord Guidelines:
Discord ToS / Terms of Service:

Those under 13y should not be on Discord, and will be banned / removed from the server.

2. Maturity

Act as an adult would, whether you want to or not.

There will be no tolerance for those who have malicious behavior, these include:

- Threatening (Doxxing, social threats, IN-PERSON threats)
- Harassment
- False Accusations, etc.
These also apply to DM's, as these are bannable behaviors.

Explicit messages WILL not be tolerated. This also includes DM's.

This also ties into Harassment, or Threats in DM's. DO NOT threaten, or be explicit towards another member in the server, or DM's.

Falsely Accusing people because you dislike them, or have a grudge is not acceptable.

1. General Rules

- This is a Minecraft server forum, please be sure to remember that.

- Disrespect towards another player ANYWHERE on our Network is Strictly Prohibited.
This includes DMs / Personal Messaging.

- Bullying is NOT allowed.
This Includes:
  • Harassment
  • Threatening of any kind
  • Blackmailing
  • Explicit Messages, even in DM's.

- Sharing personal information is prohibited.
We want to keep everyone here safe.

- Be sure to remember, your behavior and actions do define us as a community; think before you act.

- Those who disregard the rules will be punished.

2. Chat Related

- Use English please, you can speak other languages through DM's. We do support Dutch.

- Profane / Explicit language is not allowed

- Racism, personal threats, harassment, slurs, sexism, phobias, or any form of hate speech are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
This Includes:
  • Racist Names
  • Skins
  • NSFW...