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  1. Lowriderollie

    In Progress Suggestion☺

    Cool suggestion IMO Black market sorta thing where you can go there and bid for limited items happens once a day at a set time or every few days. sorry there's not much detail ill try reply with more tomorrow.
  2. Lowriderollie

    Closed another suggestion? :O

    Can you add https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/horsetpwithme.8186/ So we can move mobs like villagers in boats from thousands of blocks away or horses / anything in a boat to wherever we can teleport?
  3. Lowriderollie

    Closed Suggestions v2!?

    Chunk hoppers!?!?!? :O https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/chunk-hopper.79062/ (or any other plugin)
  4. Lowriderollie

    Closed suGEsTIons

    SHOP Magma blockz cheaper OTHER Sell chest!?
  5. Lowriderollie

    Closed suggestions

    SHOP Sand - Price of dirt or stone? Remove netherite (armour / tools)? PLUGIN Crop hoppers? RANDOM Lure on ender dragon egg :)