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Important Discord Rules:

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1. We follow the Discord Guidelines and ToS
Discord Guidelines:
Discord ToS / Terms of Service:

Those under 13y should not be on Discord, and will be banned / removed from the server.

2. Maturity

Act as an adult would, whether you want to or not.

There will be no tolerance for those who have malicious behavior, these include:

- Threatening (Doxxing, social threats, IN-PERSON threats)
- Harassment
- False Accusations, etc.
These also apply to DM's, as these are bannable behaviors.

Explicit messages WILL not be tolerated. This also includes DM's.

This also ties into Harassment, or Threats in DM's. DO NOT threaten, or be explicit towards another member in the server, or DM's.

Falsely Accusing people because you dislike them, or have a grudge is not acceptable.

3. Behavior

Respect one another, whether someone "deserves" it or not.

Intentionally making a group of people / individuals uncomfortable is NOT tolerated.

No topics over political, controversial, or NSFW
This includes in VC / DM's

All phobic, racist, sexist, derogatory comments / slang are IMMEDIATE BAN.

These ALSO apply to DMs

Nicknames, emotes, avatars, status, and general conversation are to be SAFE FOR WORK (SFW).

4. Channel Rules

Spamming in ANY channel, is strictly forbidden.
Applies to DMs

Do not advertise other servers, we have Partnerships for a reason.

Do not "spoiler bait" (e.g. nice car) with racial slurs.

Keep reaction / emotes to a minimum, we don't want anyone to be disruptive with them.

5. Hacking, Modding, Exploiting & Piracy

discussion or conversation about hacking, harmful modding, or exploiting within the server will be stopped / removed, and ANYONE directly involved will be BANNED.

Sharing any piracy links will result in a BAN immediately, DMs Included.

Any harmful modding / exploiting the game to ANY degree, or encouraging modding is against our rules. You WILL be dealt with accordingly.

6. Respect Within the Staff

Do not argue
about mod decisions, punishments, denied appeals, or applications.

Issues within the staff team are dealt with by Senior Staff.

Moderators reserve the right to warn / mute/ kick accordingly.

Staff have all permissions to stop / steer conversations away from certain topics. Respect their decision.

You don't have to like any decision made by staff, so don't argue about it.

If you truly feel something with staff has been abused, you may contact a Senior Staff Member.
(Marshy, Merlyn, Faded, Becker)

7. Our Rules Exist for a Reason. Do NOT Try to Exploit Them.

Do not try to weasel your way out of a punishment by "pointing cracks" in the rules.
You know what the rules are. Follow them anyways.

8. Application / Appeal Expectations

Staff have the right to deny any application or appeal when we see fit.

You never have to like our decision, so if you argue, you aren't helping your case.

Do not make "fake appeals / applications". You will be immediately punished.

Do not use threats, harassment, or any sort of judgement in an application / appeal. This will be an immediate BAN.
This COMPLETELY includes DMs, do not harass / threaten anyone.

9. Use Common Sense

This seems to be self explanatory, but due to previous problems. Let's explain.

Common Sense IS:

- Being respectful to everyone, and their preferences

- Being cooperative, we only want the best, so don't make it harder than it needs to be.

- READING THE RULES, and accepting that they are in place for a reason, despite your own opinion.

- Respecting that you don't have to like punishments (if applicable), that we issue them for a reason.

- Being a decent human being. We are all human, and make mistakes, but don't cause problems. Nobody likes a jerk.

- RESPECTING others' privacy, do NOT torment anyone via DM, you will be immediately banned.

Common Sense IS NOT:

- Arguing about punishments, and creating a general problem for the environment, and staff team.

- Expressing your opinion in a forceful way. Do not try to threaten or "make" anyone think a certain way.

- Thinking you can do anything whenever you want, because you're "so good".

- Harassing / threatening / harming others in DM's OR in the Server.

- Being a total jerk, and disregarding the rules.

Thank you for reading the rules, if you are to break any of them, you will be immediately punished.

If you have a complaint about the rules, or a GENUINE suggestion, please contact a Senior Staff member.

We enforce our rules, you may be given chances, but do not abuse them.
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