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Important Forum Rules:

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1. General Rules

- This is a Minecraft server forum, please be sure to remember that.

- Disrespect towards another player ANYWHERE on our Network is Strictly Prohibited.
This includes DMs / Personal Messaging.

- Bullying is NOT allowed.
This Includes:
  • Harassment
  • Threatening of any kind
  • Blackmailing
  • Explicit Messages, even in DM's.

- Sharing personal information is prohibited.
We want to keep everyone here safe.

- Be sure to remember, your behavior and actions do define us as a community; think before you act.

- Those who disregard the rules will be punished.

2. Chat Related

- Use English please, you can speak other languages through DM's. We do support Dutch.

- Profane / Explicit language is not allowed

- Racism, personal threats, harassment, slurs, sexism, phobias, or any form of hate speech are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
This Includes:
  • Racist Names
  • Skins
  • NSFW images & graphics

- Post farming is not allowed.
The spamming of posts within a specific time frame, in goals to have a higher post count.

- Intentional disrespect, or harmful actions to another member is not allowed.

- Trying to sell, or pawn personal information of another is NOT ALLOWED
This also applies to selling of ANY information / products.

- All forum posts should be taken seriously.
Do not make false posts / attention posts.

- All should be at least a minimum of ONE SENTENCE, we do not tolerate spam either.

3. Content Related

- All content is to be posted in the correct forum section.

- Templates are to be used when appropriate / applicable.

- Encouraging rule breaking, abuse of game-play, or harm to another member is not allowed.
This includes:
  • Showing how to hack
  • Breaking rules
  • Encouraging harmful behavior

- Do not post content you do not rightfully own. Unless you intend on giving credit, do not plagiarize.
This is a punishable offence

- No offensive / derogatory comments or material in any forum.

- Starting drama, or causing problems within the forums is prohibited and not allowed.

- Threads made to insult, offend, threaten, or harm other members, staff, the community, or server are NOT ALLOWED, and will be deleted.
The offender(s) will be punished.

- Take all threads seriously, and act maturely.
We will not tolerate and disrespect or harm towards another.

4. Appeals / Reports

- IP-Bans CANNOT be appealed.
- If you are applying for an appeal please consider the following:

  • If you feel your punishment was not justified, incorrect, or abusive, you may create an appeal.
  • Temporary bans may be appealed for, but do not expect an immediate acceptance.
  • You may not argue, spam, or harass, in order to get your way with an appeal, it will be instantly denied.
  • Be sure to follow the template, we will not accept appeals that are out of format.
  • Be honest, do not lie to us and expect an appeal to work.
We will give you a chance, but you only have one chance to give your honest answer, after the initial lie.
  • Our staff reserve the right to deny your application / appeal. Whether you like our decision or not, do not argue.

- If you are reporting a player(s) for breaking rules on the server, or forum, you are expected to report them on the forums or to staff immediately.

- You must be able to provide proof for your player or staff complaint/report.

- If you see members of the staff team abusing their powers, rights, disrespecting, or not following the rules, you are expected to report them to a higher staff member.

- Do not spam any report / appeal. We will deny it immediately, and possibly ban you from the forums.

5. Staff / Builder Applications

- You are to follow the template given. If you fail to do this, it will be instantly denied.

- Staff applications are to be taken seriously, as they are still a forum category.

- Do not spam an application, or post continuously to "be seen".

- Do not DM staff to look at your application.
It will be immediately denied if done so.

- Do not threaten any staff, because of their decision, or the time it takes to look at the application.

- We still reserve the right to deny your application if seen fit.

Builder Applications

- Please be sure to include your portfolio. We want to see what you are capable of doing.

- Please also follow the basic template for staff applications.

- We still want to know why we should include you in the staff team, you aren't just building, you are also representing us.

- All rules still apply, do not harass, argue, or threaten because of our decision.
On all applications Staff or Builder, please be mature. Use more than one sentence to describe why you want to be here.

There is no reason to not know the rules, you should read them. If you use the "I didn't know", we expect you to. It's not a valid "argument".
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